Why Wait Until January?

Data shows that North Americans gain nearly 80% of their annual weight (5-12 lb) between Halloween and New Year's Day.

This program is valued at over $100, but this holiday season we are giving it away for FREE!

This amazing program is our gift to you...the results you produce will be your gift to yourself! :-)

ENJOY the Holiday Season,

Take Care of Your Health, and...

Start the New Year Off Right!

Statistics also shows that while many people lose weight in January (from New Year's Resolutions), the large majority of people don't lose the same as they gained in the October to December time frame.

This means that on average, people have a net gain of several pounds each year...most of it coming in December.

The #MyProject Zero challenge has ONE SIMPLE GOAL for challengers to achieve...

Your challenge (if you wish to accept it), will be to weigh the same on January 1st as you do now.

Let's work together to change those scary statistics! This will make sure we start the New Year on a high note!

Here's what's Included in


Tips, Inspiration,

and Support

Each day through the challenge, you will receive a short email with a quick challenge, and targeted information on 1 of the 4 Pillars of Performance

Functional Fitness

& Exercise Plans

Simple, highly effective fitness and movement plan to feel great and fit into a busy holiday schedule. Only 10-15 minutes required. No fancy equipment needed.

Feel Good,

& Do Good

The program is designed to help you feel great, and be mindful of your energy over the holidays. We also provide tips to care for others and your community

A New Year's

Head Start

January will come faster than you can imagine. You can get there feeling great, with a head start on the year, or feel frustrated and behind the 8-ball. The choice is yours!

This program is valued at over $100, but this holiday season we are giving it away for FREE!

This amazing program is our gift to you...the results you produce will be your gift to yourself! :-)

Dear Potential Holiday Weight Gainer,

I’m not a big fan of labels. In fact, I strongly believe that anyone is capable of the change they want, when they want it…as long as they make a conscious choice to take action and consistently follow a solid plan. While it's important to follow the timeline that works for you, I encourage you to question the behavior of the masses that wait until January to make a change? If change is something you want to accomplish, and that change is important to you, doesn't it make sense to start right away!? 

This program isn't about restriction and denial during a time of plenty and celebration. It's about being sensible, making smart, simple, and sustainable choices each day. The good news is, you aren't on your own in this change. With a FRESH! community of supportive people on your side, along with our coaching team, we can hold each other accountable to making positive and healthy choices, pick each other up when times get tough (they often do), and help celebrate both the big and small wins along the way as we experience the journey towards a more vibrant and amazing life!

The #MyProjectZero Challenge was created to be simple, straightforward, and effective, so you can get results while still enjoying your holiday season to its fullest! You'll receive a daily email with various tips, workouts (with or without equipment), motivation, feel good challenges and other great things. All of this is with the goal of helping you enjoy a holiday of fun, family and friends - without the stress of weight gain.

To Your Success in Beating the Holiday Weight Gain this season!

Tim Borys


FRESH! Wellness Group

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